Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Bunyi bukan main sedap tajuk kat atas...opsss in English please. Sometimes there's situation where we have to hurt somebody's feeling just to tell the truth. It's normal that we as humans being like to hear a good thing, read a happy ending stories, watch a romantic movie where the couple get back's all about happiness but to reach that moment, sometimes we have to face some difficulties and obstacles, though it might be tough but it's the reality of life. No gain no pain, but to hurt somebody's feeling just to gain something? Well, I had a story. 
Last few years back, when I worked at the banking sector, there was a young couple working at the same department. How do I know they're couple? The guy is my house-mate. His girlfriend working at the counter. So obviously she has to communicate with the customers, you know there're good customers and there're 'bad' customers which make the guy very jealous, but he still can controlled it as he knew it was part of her job but for how long? 1 month? 2 month? 1 year? 2 years? It;s been 3 years seeing the same situation and one fine day, this guy took his girlfriend to a dinner and wanted to express his feelings about the situation. Actually it was not about the customers, it was about how his girlfriend treat the customers... So what do you think about their dinner end? Well, sad to say, that was their last dinner together. From expressing the truth it became argument and they broke up that night. A month later, the guy asked for transfered. So .... to tell or not to tell? 


  1. its better to tell the truth..
    better than u have to lie to yourself for the whole of your life...


  2. NARDtheNERD - u're right Nard. Biar perit sekarang asal happy pada masa akan datang. Life's go on thats for sure.


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