Sunday, September 19, 2010


Clown performance at Summit USJ
Yesterday I went to Summit USJ for a dinner together with my sis in law family. We had it at Mandy’s, beside Sushi King. As usual, I ordered teriyaki chicken rice and same to the others except my father in law who ordered fish and chips…Before that I went to the Summit main stage and there’s a clown performances. I couldn’t hear anything what the clown said as the sound systems was not that good, but you know what the clown’s joke all about from their gesture itself. There’s also a group of lion dance performance and there’re many people behind them with what I called ‘Tang Lung’ followed the lion dance group entered each shop at the ground floor of the Summit USJ Shopping Centre. I suppose it’s for Mid Autumn Festival. I can see there are Chinese, Malays and Indians together bringing their colorful Tang Lung together with their children. This is something that rarely we can find and see in other countries. The unity of Malaysian people regardless of what race there are........ (Entry kali ni saja buat dalam bahasa Inggeris, sayang score tinggi -tinggi bahasa Inggeris dalam SPM kalau tak digunakan )

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