Monday, October 25, 2010


Last few days, I went to one of the Old Town White Coffee in Subang.... opsss. Entry kali ni sy buat dalam English ye, macam sy cakap dululah, saja nak improve my English...kalau tak sia-sia je belajar English kat sekolah... continue please. After I paid my meals, I've been given one card with one stamp on it. Actually it's for Old Town Rewards which means, everytime you spend RM10 and above at Old Town per transaction you're entitle for one Old Town stamp. Collect 6 Old Town stamps and you can redeem it for one minced chicken rice or javanese mee. Well, javanese mee is one of my favourite meal there. This rewards is valid until 31 December 2010 and valid all days.
javanese mee

Talking about Old Town White Coffee, you can see that nowadays there're so many coffee house or what we called 'kopitiam' in every town in Malaysia, even mamak restaurant also some of them known as 'mamak kopitiam'!! But this is Malaysia, what ever we called them, the food is still shows how the variaties of Malaysian food such as javanese mee, nasi lemak, mee goreng and others. Right? 


  1. xpernah rasa mkn kt old town white coffee...huhu

  2. old town ni halal tak eh?
    dedulu kan ade gak nampak tanda halal depan kedai tu..
    nowadays, dah tak nampak dah tanda halal tu..
    tu yg mcm curious gak

  3. di subang sy lihat ada logo halal, tapi tak tahulah kalau di tempat lain... mungkin boleh selidik daripada jakim pasal ni, mana tahu ada yang tersurat dan tersirat


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