Saturday, September 4, 2010


U see the title...u believe it or not? yeahhh..I also dont believe. Believe it or not thats the title I want to story-story. Seriously, do this time, I headache coz too many thing to think until I cannot think a thing. I think and think and think, at last, I have an idea. Why not I write English entry. I dont care about what topic, but I just smash. I write what I want to write and you will read what I write coz as long as you read, more long I write. I hope you all not boring coz I already feel boring with what I write. Come I story you one story book. Happen long-long time age when I was young. Now I younger.
The story like this. People-people last time thought that the earth is flat. You walk-walk end of the road, you fall down. Thats why people-people last time afraid to walk far, afraid they will fall down. But then when world become better and know that the earth is around, they walk-walk around the world. But then they afraid to go outside the earth, as they will fall down. But then when people landed at moon, many people believe we can go to planet far-far. So, thats the story. Before I finish my story, let me sing you one song. I you feel happy clap your hand. If you happy clap your hand. If you happy just tell me, If you happy clap your hand......

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